Best Notepad++ Tips and Tricks you should use

Best Notepad++ Tips and Tricks you should use


Best Notepad++ Tips and Tricks you should use

Notepad++ is an editor for text that is used extensively not just by webmasters, developers, and editors but, also by regular individuals who are in some ways engaged in the editing process. It is free software. It has an open-source code base, requires only a small amount of computer processing power, and loads fast.

The Notepad++ program is typically used to open various types different text files.

The program can open documents in tabs. When editing, users can switch between them, open the document needed to edit it, change it and save the document by pressing a mouse. After the program has been closed and then re-launched that were open at the time the program shut down will remain open. Best Notepad++ Tips and Tricks you should use

The program has the ability to perform functions of the file manager, thus browsing files stored on the computer, and opening them using a browser installed is also possible.Best Notepad++ Tips and Tricks you should use

 The benefit of Notepad++:

The main benefit of Notepad++ is the integration of plugins that offer functional improvements to this editor. It also includes plugins to enable spell checking and automated saving of documents, Asymmetric and symmetric text encryption as well as HEX-editor. FTP manager, as well as many additional features.

Review of Notepad++ Plugins  In this post, I’ll go over some of the most basic Notepad++ extensions that I consider “must haves”.

The majority of the versions:

The majority of the versions are from Notepad++ Notepad++ editor, which you can download right now even though the official site includes a wide range of plugins that are useful. However, there are many novice users…Compare Plugin for Notepad++ 02.11.2015Notepad++ comes with numerous plugins that may prove beneficial for you when working within the editor. For instance, the Compare plugin lets you compare the file before and after you modify it (if there’s a backup copy of the file). )….How do I delete all lines that contain a particular phrase in Notepad+ 02.11.2015The Google search may yield hundreds of results that offer methods to erase all lines with a particular word in Notepad or ++. It is however inconvenient that the majority of these solutions use regular expressions. I’ll present an easier solution. Take note of the following. Best Notepad++ Tips and Tricks you should use

.How to get rid of empty lines from Notepad+

Dear followers of this blog. I’ve already written articles about the user-friendly, feature-rich, and user-friendly text editor Notepad+, as well as certain of its plugins. I find this app enjoyable and helpful. It is difficult to cover all the functions and features…

Hotkeys in Notepad++

02.11.2015General Ctrl+O opens an additional document Ctrl+N opens a new tab Ctrl+W closes the current tab by pressing Ctrl+S. Save Ctrl+Alt+S Save to… Ctrl+Shift+S Save all tabs with Ctrl+C Copy Ctrl+X, Cut Ctrl+A – Select the Ctrl+V options – Paste…Work using Emmet plugin within Notepad+ 02.11.2015Coding HTML projects efficiently requires the use of additional tools to write tags more quickly. The time you spend working in HTML is usually composed of typing tags. Tools such as Zen Coding and Emmet aid in speeding the process. Long constructions, particularly ones that require Ids or writing classes can take a long period of time.

Notepad++ Recording and using macros

One of the strongest capabilities that come with Notepad++ is the ability to design and implement macros. Anyone who is familiar with MS Office (Microsoft Excel in particular) must be informed of what a “macro” is. The following paragraph provides an explanation about…Eliminating duplicate lines in Notepad + 29.10.2015It is common to eliminate duplicate lines when processing huge text files. This can take hours in the case of manual work but is accomplished in two mouse clicks with NotepadPlus and TextFX Characters plugin. To get rid of duplicate rows, open your text file…Notepad++ and FTP connection NppFTP plugin 29.10.2015The NppFTP plugin is a straightforward and user-friendly FTP client. Many webmasters make use of the plugin by itself or together with the Notepad Text Editor due to the tangible time-saving benefits this plugin gives them when working on their sites. Let’s look at a simple illustration. Suppose…New XML Tool plugin to Notepad+ 29.10.2015At one point, massive unformatted XML files were handed to me. I had to learn the structure of these files, and write a script to take them in and write the information into a MySQL database. I did not have the time or the desire to sit down and…Notepad++:

How to install the plugins: Best Notepad++ Tips and Tricks you should use

It’s very simple to install plugins on Notepad and ++! There is no need to install or download any files. Notepad ++ is a text editor that doesn’t require any downloads or import Notepad ++ text editor offers a range of plug-ins that help speed up and improve the tasks you can do by using the application. To…How do you compare two files with Notepad + 29.10.2015There’s often the need to evaluate between two texts? There are a variety of programs specifically designed to perform this feature, however, it’s generally not recommended to have multiple applications that are designed to handle a specific task. The text editor for free Notepad ++

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