Blue WhatsApp Plus The Latest Version.

Blue WhatsApp Plus The Latest Version.

Blue Whatsapp:

Technologically, we belong to the outer surface of the planet because we use the best methods to make most of our tasks easier. However, the privacy and security of our data, messages, and contacts are forgotten. WhatsApp Plus can impress you with such tactics in instant messaging.

Now we are going to discuss all blue Whatsapp plus the latest version. It is a very interesting version of WhatsApp.

It’s a WhatsApp MOD app for Android. It’s a cool version that can bond you to friends, family, and Mars astronauts without violating your privacy. This Android app makes messaging fun! Fouad Blue WhatsApp Plus WhatsApp works on all Android devices above 5.0. It’s not an iOS app, but the Android experience is comfortable enough to amaze you. This blue WhatsApp Plus APK by Fouad is a customization expert. Try WhatsApp Plus Reborn APK.

Blue WhatsApp Download Latest Version

App Name Blue WhatsApp
License Freeware
Android Requirement 5.0 or above
Version v9.45
File size 57 MB
Last updated 1 day ago

Blue WhatsApp Features

The features of Blue WhatsApp Plus  The Latest Version are given below:

As you know, this WhatsApp mod became popular when people discovered its features. Blue WhatsApp Plus users are numerous. Blue WhatsApp has many cool features.

Blue WhatsApp Plus has new features.

Complete Blue Interface:

Blue WhatsApp Plus has one of the best and coolest features. Change WhatsApp’s green interface to blue if you’re bored. This WhatsApp mod has a new theme and is based on WhatsApp.

You’ll love this WhatsApp mod’s blue theme. This app changed the color’s opacity to remove contrast. Blue WhatsApp is a must-download for blue lovers.

Backup & Restore:

Installing WhatsApp on a new phone lets you restore your backup. Blue WhatsApp allows you to back up your WhatsApp chats for easy uploading to your new device.

When you upload your backup media, you will have your old group chats and can use your account as you did on the old device without losing data.

Freeze Last Seen in Blue WhatsApp. Thus, no one will know your last online time even if you are online. Blue WhatsApp Plus has this feature. WhatsApp does not.

Adapt: For blue lovers, this WhatsApp-modded version is blue. If your mind changes after downloading this app’s APK and installing it on your phone, don’t worry.

Color and app customization is available. This almost-identical app can be customized to look different from WhatsApp.


You’ll want your WhatsApp contacts’ status if you like it. If you can’t ask him directly, download Blue WhatsApp Plus on your Android device to download WhatsApp statuses.

You can now send the status without asking. If you like a WhatsApp status, click the download button to save it to your phone without paying or downloading any media downloader apps.

Message unsaved number: Normal people send WhatsApp messages to annoying people to find out who they are. No more saving numbers before sending messages.

WhatsApp Blue APK allows offline messaging. This messaging app allows offline messaging. When you connect to the internet, WhatsApp will send the message to the recipient.

Change WhatsApp Blue to iPhone Style:

This upgraded and modified WhatsApp app can make your old and boring WhatsApp look like iOS.


Installing this amazing app is free. Latest WhatsApp Blue APK can be downloaded easily. Blue WhatsApp Plus APK has no pro feature fees, unlike other apps.

Blue WhatsApp Plus The Latest Version.

Latest Update Features

Blue WhatsApp Plus The Latest Version.

Anti-ban WhatsApp mod.

Blue WhatsApp Plus and WhatsApp can coexist on a phone.

Make calls without saving numbers.

This mod has a blue home screen.

Disabling voice calls customizes Blue WhatsApp.

Share your phone data.

WhatsApp has many media features.

Call from your deleted contacts.

The server saves offline messages and sends them back when you have a stable internet connection.

WhatsApp Plus has Blue themes.

Download WhatsApp Blue to hide your online status from others.

Blue WhatsApp Plus requires no pin registration, unlike other versions.

Like Messenger, this app keeps you logged in.

Change your group chat screen.

The blue WhatsApp app has a different look than other WhatsApp mods with many themes.

WhatsApp modes allow sending voice memos.

Redesign the home screen.

you can change chat aesthetics and fonts with the help of wifi or the internet.

How to Download and Install Blue WhatsApp APK?

It’s not available on the Google Play store, however, it is extremely simple to install WhatsApp Blue. It is possible to download similar apps using the same method. All you have to do is follow the steps given:

  1. Click the download link to receive the download link for downloading Blue WhatsApp Plus.
  2. The download process will be complete.
  3. Then go to the settings on your smartphone and enable unreliable sources.
  4. You can locate the APK file for Blue WhatsApp Plus from the manager of files.
  5. Press the install button to install the Blue WhatsApp Plus APK onto your smartphone.
  6. Start by entering the required information and begin by downloading WhatsApp Blue APK.


You’ve downloaded the latest Blue WhatsApp Plus app. You eagerly launch it but are then surprised to see that it’s exactly the same as the standard WhatsApp app that you’ve used for many months. What’s the point in installing a brand-new app that doesn’t do something different? Wrong question! Blue WhatsApp Plus isn’t simply a copycat version of the first WhatsApp. It comes with some amazing features that differentiate it in comparison to other messenger apps and we’d love to show them to you. Continue reading to learn the features that make Blue WhatsApp Plus distinctive! Let’s take a look!

Fast and Stable

One of the smoothest and most fast mods to WhatsApp you’ll ever use in your entire life.

Backup & Restore

You can make a backup of your chats and other media and restore it on a different device.

Freeze Last Seen

Save your last sighting and also check the last seen of others’ activity, without

concealing your own.

How To Install/Download Blue WhatsApp APK?

Navigate to Settings > Security on your phone.
Click on the unknown Sources option next. After you click this option you will be able to see the new page.
This will require the ability to connect any application that is offered by third-party websites, so you can allow it.

Take these simple steps and find out how simple the app is to download on your phone.


  • Navigate to Settings > Security on your phone.
  • Click on the unknown Sources option next. After you click this option you will be able to see the new page.
  • This will require the ability to connect any application that is offered by third-party websites, so you can allow it.

NOTE: This is not necessary for devices running Android 8.0 Oreo.

Instructions to install

  1. Open the file manager of your device to navigate through WhatsApp Plus Blue APK. WhatsApp Plus Blue APK folder.
  2. Enter the APK file now, and press to open the INSTALL file. Allow data storage and reading contact information, and text messages when running with the latest version of Android Oreo.
  3. After the installation has been completed. Log in and verify the OTP on your mobile number.
  4. Learn how to create and follow the directions for the last time you added WhatsApp Plus Blue.

Permissions are required in Blue WhatsApp APK

  1. Send SMS
  2. Record Audio
  3. Vibrate
  4. Kill Background Tasks
  5. Internet Access
  6. Access Device Location
  7. Access WiFi, Bluetooth, Camera, Mike, NFC
  8. Get Accounts
  9. Read Contacts
  10. Modify Audio Settings
  11. Write Contacts
  12. Write External Storage
  13. Use Maps Services

 WhatsApp Blue: Why?

WhatsApp is among the most well-known and widely used instant messaging apps in the world. It is possible to utilize WhatsApp without difficulty and it’s enjoyable to use. Are you surprised to find out that there’s an exclusive version of WhatsApp Plus Blue? the app is known as WhatsApp Plus Blue.

The most recent version WhatsApp Blue comes with some exciting features that weren’t available in the previous version. Some of them include some fantastic features you can try by downloading the app for the Android smartphone.

A modified version of WhatsApp Blue WhatsApp Plus comes with numerous additional features that are not available in the original app. The app, however, Blue WhatsApp Plus gives you the possibility of personalizing WhatsApp according to your personal preferences. 

Theme Customization

In Blue WhatsApp Plus The Latest Version there is an option for the theme. If you’re in search of new and fresh looks for your WhatsApp app, then downloading WhatsApp Plus Blue themes could be the perfect choice for you. Apart from looking stunning Blue is also more appealing. The blue-colored version of the app 2022 also looks attractive as It makes WhatsApp Blue even more efficient.

It is also possible to add themes to multiple WhatsApp accounts simultaneously. In essence, Blue WhatsApp Plus is an enhanced version of the application, which comes with a greater number of options than the basic application.

You can create and personalize your personal WhatsApp themes by adding functions not present in the initial app. This lets you make an application that is exclusive to you.

Sound Recording in Blue WhatsApp APK

The WhatsApp with the blue feature for recording sounds is a brand new feature in the original app that allows you to record audio while you chat with your friends. In addition, you are able to send videos and audio files up to 100 megabytes in the size of 100 MB. The recording duration can vary between 30 seconds and seven minutes long.

The app comes with the capability to record audio, and save or backup conversations and media. It also has an auto-reply feature. It also supports high-quality images and stickers. Download the app from our website to download the most recent Version 2022. WhatsApp Plus Blue is available on all Android and iPhone devices.

Extra New Features of Blue WhatsApp Plus

What’s new in WhatsApp Plus Blue is that it is packed with exciting new features that are sure to delight your friends. It’s extremely customizable. In addition to the standard options, it can send up to 100 messages simultaneously and share 30 images simultaneously. It is worth noting that the app is able to provide regular updates and customizing features. Blue WhatsApp Plus The Latest Version.

Privacy Control in Blue WhatsApp

Furthermore, it is worth noting that the app gives you a range of options for privacy as well as themes. It is possible to avoid being noticed or blocked from seeing the last activity. Additionally, you can stop sending the message or even deletion of the message.

Download Blue WhatsApp Plus Blue APK 2022. Installation of this app requires that you enable third-party applications. The app gives you a variety of icons, Google Drive backup, and many more. It also allows you to personalize ‘Who can call you. It works with all major operating systems.

Easy Installation of WhatsApp Blue

It is easy to download and install WhatsApp Plus Blue APK 2022 quickly and at no cost. After downloading, go to the file manager on your phone for the appropriate file manager to set up the app. After downloading the app, search for the file within your storage and click install.

It is crucial that you let unknown sources install. Follow the steps given and your program will be correctly installed. It should only take about a minute. After you have installed the app it is possible to customize the app to your liking. It has access to a variety of features that aren’t present in traditional WhatsApp.

Web Compatibility

WhatsApp Plus Blue is also compatible with the web-based application. It’s possible to scan the barcode to log in with your login. You’ll be able to use the same features available in the mobile version of the app.

The web app from WhatsApp Blue comes with several extra features that allow users to transfer or download data directly via the file storage of their personal computers. Install and download the latest version of 2022 to make use of the web-based app featuring new and exciting features.

Manage Blue Ticks

In the latest version 2022, of WhatsApp Plus Blue, ticks are displayed next to each communication you make. A gray tick signifies that the message has been sent to the server while two grey ticks signify that the message was delivered to its recipient. It means that the reader has read your email if the ticks appear highlighted with blue

The sender could be in a region with extremely low coverage, If there aren’t any ticks in the message but rather the message appears to be an image that is timed. Disabling read receipts is a simple procedure if you don’t intend to receive or send these messages.

WhatsApp users can do this by pressing the vertical dots that are located in the upper-right part of their screens. When there, click Settings Account, Privacy, and Settings to open the privacy settings.

This will then present you with a variety of privacy choices, including the option to disable the last Seen status, change the profile image, alter your current location and status and finally, complete your privacy settings with the option to disable the read receipts. . Simply uncheck the box and you’re finished. But, you won’t receive the receipts of other readers after disabling read receipts.

Difference Between WhatsApp And WhatsApp Blue

These are the features that are included in your Blue Whats APK exclusively

  • Security Lock
  • Themes Supported
  • Hide Online Status
  • Add Custom Fonts/Stickers
  • Airplane Mode
  • Status Character Length
  • DND Mode
  • Freeze Last Seen
  • Disable Forwarded Tag
  • Disable/Customize Calling
  • Anti-Delete Status/Messages
  • Fully Customize

Blue WhatsApp Important Points

WhatsApp Plus Blue Concerns

To install Blue Whatsapp on Android it is necessary to uninstall WhatsApp’s official versions. WhatsApp There could be additional issues users may possibly encounter, such as Blue WhatsApp Plus The Latest Version.

WhatsApp and blue Update

An older version of WhatsApp blue is not able be updated, therefore it has to be deleted before being downloaded.

Unidentified source download

It is necessary to allow downloads from unknown senders to fix this issue. To do this, go to Settings and then Safety, and then allow downloads from unknown sources.


WhatsApp Plus Blue APK is an updated version of the most popular messaging app, WhatsApp. This is it is not an official app created by WhatsApp Inc., but it is a third-party app that adds new functions and features on top of the initial app.

One of the major benefits that are unique to WhatsApp Plus Blue is that it lets users customize the design and appearance of the app with the option to alter the theme and color scheme. Additionally, it comes with other features, such as hiding messages that have not been glimpsed, hiding blue ticks, and also send large files.

It is vital to be aware that using WhatsApp Plus Blue is not allowed by WhatsApp and could violate the company’s terms and conditions of service. There is also the risk of installing and downloading the app because it’s not available on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Google Play Store or Apple App Store. This means it could be a source of malware or have other security threats.

Furthermore, using WhatsApp Plus Blue may result in the ban of using WhatsApp, the main WhatsApp service. This is due to the fact that the app can bypass WhatsApp’s security features and could be used to perform actions like propagating false information or spamming.

Overall, even though WhatsApp Plus Blue may offer certain appealing extra features, it’s important to consider the potential risks prior to downloading and installing the app. It is always better to use only the version that is officially available for WhatsApp that is available for download from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.


We’ve walked you through the entire process of Blue WhatsApp Plus. If you’re planning to get WhatsApp Blue in the new version, you’ll be able to install it with ease due to the process of installation that is explained on this page.

Blue WhatsApp Plus?

Updating to Blue WhatsApp Plus would take some time and is an easy task that takes just a couple of mouse clicks in the app interface. First, you’ll need to create a secure backup of your data. Later, you’ll find the Settings menu in The Blue WhatsApp Plus interface. You’ll see an option to update. Simply click it and stare at the magic!

Do you think Blue WhatsApp Plus is safe?

The Blue WhatsApp Plus app version is as secure as the best antivirus work. After you download it onto your phone it will ask you to confirm your WhatsApp number. Once you’ve verified your WhatsApp number, you’ll be able to start messaging with ease in mere minutes, without being scared of security concerns. You can enjoy it all the time!

How do I switch to Blue WhatsApp Plus, which is a different service from Official WhatsApp without losing chats?

Simply follow the following simple steps

1. Open the official WhatsApp app on your mobile and then click the three dots in the upper-right menu.
2. Navigate to SettingsChatsChat Backup section.
3. Now, you’d be within the Backup section. Copy and paste your Google account and select the BACK-Up button.
4. After process completion Install Blue WhatsApp Plus and open it.
5. Verify your WhatsApp number by using an OTP code, then click the Recover backup data button.

How Do I Update Blue WhatsApp?

If you believe that you are using the older version of WhatsApp mods You can upgrade to WhatsApp Blue by clicking”download. So you can download the most current version of the mod and then begin making use of Blue WhatsApp Plus in the updated version.

What is Blue WhatsApp Messenger?

WhatsApp Blue APK can be described as an alternative to WhatsApp with different types of chatting. It lets you chat with your friends by taking advantage of the aesthetics that are part of the WhatsApp experience.

Is Blue WhatsApp Plus like WhatsApp Plus?

Absolutely, Blue WhatsApp Plus is identical to WhatsApp Plus as well as other mod WhatsApp applications, but with a few extra features.

Can I send messages to unblocking contacts?

This feature is not yet available within Blue Whatsapp Plus. We will investigate it in the future.

What can I do to fix problems that arise with WhatsApp Plus Blue APK?

If you’re having issues using WhatsApp Plus Blue APK, you may try these steps:

Make sure that you’ve turned on “Unknown Sources” in your settings.

– Ensure that you’ve installed the most recent version of WhatsApp Plus Blue.

Clear your app cache and data

Uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp Plus Blue


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