Boat browser pro apk

Boat browser pro apk

App info:

Boat browser pro apk

Boat browser pro apk

Boat Browser Pro is the very first Android browser that supports voice commands. The. Boat Browser is a quick, cool, and smart Mobile Browser that delivers the best experience on the web.   It’s totally customizable and you can modify the direction of the buttons in accordance with the preferences you have. In addition, you can also add extensions you prefer to make your web browser stronger!
Version: 8.7.8
Size: 8.77 MB
Android version: Android 2.1+
Price: Free
Developer: Digital Life International
Category: For Communication


Boat Browser Story

Boat browser pro apk

Boat browser is a speedy smart, cool, and stylish Mobile Browser, that provides the best experience on the web. It’s completely customizable and you can modify the locations of the buttons according to your preference. You can also install your favorite extensions to make your browser more efficient!

What’s unique about it?

1. More Customizable

We’ve optimized the features that are already included on the (Side) Toolbar. You can also customize the features to suit your needs modify, add and remove buttons by dragging the icon that corresponds to it.
Apart from the toolbar’s customizing it is also possible to customize the color of the background as well as the behavior of the Volume Keys. You can alter the volume key’s actions to toggle tabs, scroll upwards and downwards on the page, or zoom in on the page.

2. Personalized Themes

Are you bored with your default themes? Are you not satisfied with just changing themes’ colors? No Problem! Boat Browser is here to help!
Boat Browser’s team will provide you with ever-cooler themes and styles so that you can make your experience totally unique!

Boat browser pro apk
3. Add-ons

An add-on can be a limitless extension to your internet browser. Make your browser more customizable by installing Boat Add-ons that can enhance the experience of browsing. These options can be located within the side Toolbar after installation.
We’ll continue to work on an array of well-known and trendy extensions. Keep your browser up to the minute!

4. Powerful Bookmarks Management

Bookmarks Manager supports new folders, Drag and drop as well as batch delete import-export, and synchronization with Bookmarks from the default browser!

Boat browser pro apk
5. Side Toolbar

You can access the toolbar by tapping the right side of the display. If you aren’t happy with it you can alter the settings using the settings menu. We’re hoping it can provide you with a faster and smarter browsing experience for you from now on!

6. Speed dial

Include your preferred websites in the menu for speed dials, and keep them on hand :). Speed dials are folded and available (Pro feature)

7. Floating tab

This feature can be used with multi-windows just as a PC supports it. It is possible to float multiple tabs within any application.

(Pro feature)7.

Boat browser pro apk

 Floating tab

This feature allows multi-windows, just like PCs do. It allows you to move multiple tabs within any application.
Boat Browser offers extremely useful features, such as
– Video and Flash YouTube video support… (In Android 4.4 and flash isn’t working on certain devices)
– Voice Command and Voice Search…
Support App to SD feature…
Support Cache is used for the SD feature…
– Simple file downloading
User Agent Switching lets you view websites and web pages in a variety of formats!
Multi-touch Pinch-to-Zoom support
Super simple copy and paste

Boat Browser comes with important features such as

Flash and video support… (In Android 4.4 plus flash won’t work on certain devices)
– Voice Command and Voice Search…
Support App to SD functionality…
Support Cache for SD functionality…
– Downloading files is easy.
User Agent Switching lets you view websites and web pages in a variety of formats!
– Multi-touch Pinch-to-Zoom support
Super simple copy/paste

The add-ons are easily located by searching the major realms below in Google Play:

1. Boat FB Add-on
2. Boat Password Manager Add-on
3. Boat URL Shortener Add-on
4. Boat Web2PDF Add-on
5. Boat Tab History Add-on
6. Boat Show IP Add-on

There are also functions that require a purchase license key to unlock, for example:
1. Eliminates banner ads on the bookmark page as well as the interstitial ads when you exit the browser.
2. Allows you to erase ALL speed dial symbols, including icons for presets

About Ads:
In this version for free users will get two types of advertisements:
1. Banner ads are featured on some pages, like the bookmark page.
2. Advertisements that are interruptive when users close the browser.
3. Native ads on the home page, etc.

This is a web browser designed that is perfect for you! If you experience any difficulties with it, contact us. We are dedicated to providing users with the top browser available!

How to Install?

Follow the steps:
In the first place, you need to remove Boat Browser’s original version if you’ve installed it.
Then then, install Boat Browser Mod APK from our website.
Following the download after which you need to locate the apk file, and then install it.
You need to allow “Unknown sources” to install applications that are not available on the Play Store.
After that, you can launch and use your Boat Browser mod APK


Remove or add accounts:
The app allows operations such as adding and removal of accounts and also eliminating passwords. Approximate location (network-based):
It allows the app to determine the approximate location of your device. The location is determined by location services utilizing networks that provide location information, such as cell towers or Wi-Fi. The location services have to be on and accessible to your device in order for the app to make use of these services.

The apps can make use of this to find out the location you’re in. Other apps should be closed:

The app can stop background processes for other applications. This could cause other apps to cease running. Control Near Field Communication:
The app allows communication using Near Field Communication (NFC) tags, cards, and readers. Draw on other apps:
The app can draw over other applications or components that are part of the user interface. These may hinder your experience within any app, and alter the interface you believe you are experiencing in other applications. Look for accounts on your device:
This app allows the app to access all the accounts that are known to the app. This can include any accounts created by the applications you’ve installed.

Access to the entire network:

The app can create sockets for network connections and use customized network protocols. The browser and other apps allow data to be sent to the internet, therefore this permission isn’t required for data transmission via the web. Install shortcuts:
Allows apps to add shortcuts with no user involvement. Modify or erase content from your USB storage device:
The app can allow the app to write data onto USB storage. Accurate place of origin (GPS or network-based):
The app allows you to determine your precise location via GPS Global Positioning System (GPS) or other network-based location sources such as Wi-Fi and cell towers. These services need to be enabled and accessible to your device to allow the app to make use of these services. Applications can use this information to determine where you’re located and can use more battery energy.

Keep your device from going to sleep:

The app can prevent it from going to sleep. Check out Google settings for the service:
Allows this application to allow this app to read Google service configuration information.

Find out the status of your phone and identify:

Boat browser pro apk

The app is able to access the phone functions that the phone has. This allows the app to identify the phone number as well as device IDs, whether or not a phone call is in progress, as well as the remote number used to make the call. Review what’s on your USB storage device:
Lets the application examine content from Your USB storage. Explore all of your Web bookmarks and your history
Allows the application to view the history of every URL that the browser has visited, and also all of the browser’s bookmarks. Be aware that this permission may not be applied by third-party browsers or other apps with web-browsing capabilities.

Select your preferred apps:

Allows the application to modify your favorite apps. Malicious applications can alter the apps running by spoofing existing apps to gather private data from you. Wallpaper:
Allows the application to set the wallpaper for the system. Make videos and photos:
This app allows you to capture videos and photos using the camera. This allows the app to access cameras at any moment without your consent.

Make use of accounts that are on the device:

The app can ask for authentication tokens. Check the network connections:
The app allows you to see details about network connections, including which networks are available and connected. View Wi-Fi connections:
The app allows users to access details about Wi-Fi networks like whether Wi-Fi is active and the name of connected Wi-Fi devices. Create web bookmarks and record history:
Allows the app to alter the history or bookmarks of the browser saved within your phone. This can permit the application to erase or alter Browser information. Be aware that this permission might be enforced by third-party browsers or other apps with the ability to browse the internet.

Is Boat Browser Mod Safe?

Boat browser pro apk

The Boat Browser Mod is completely safe as it was tested through Our Anti-Malware platform and no viruses were found. The antivirus platform comprises AOL Active Virus Shield, avast! AVG, Clam AntiVirus, etc. Our anti-malware engine scans apps and classifies the applications based on our standards. Thus, it’s completely secure to install Boat Browser Mod APK on our website.

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