Cellular Network Not Available For Voice Calls (8 Quick Fixes)

Cellular Network Not Available For Voice Calls (8 Quick Fixes)


Cellular Network Not Available For Voice Calls (8 Quick Fixes)

Android is among the most well-known and popular devices for advanced and novice users. You may however see an error message from the mobile network that does not support calls via voice. Many users today face this problem, however, it’s not a major issue that cannot be fixed. There are many reasons behind this issue, for instance returning from a trip. Perhaps you’re in a location in which there are jammers or your network tower is down or there could be an additional reason. There is no reason to be worried.

Therefore, let’s explore the lower section to find solutions to ensure that your phone is compatible with calls. You can get it back quickly using the methods below employing one at a time in accordance with your needs.

Causes of No Mobile Signal for Voice Calls

The mobile signal issue appears to be a minor issue with mobile phones that allows calls to voice. This could indicate a problem within the OS, the current location, coverage for phones, or even a damaged SIM card, which could be the cause of the issue. However, the solutions for this network error are in the next section below.

Repair your Cellular Network for Voice Calls using a variety of methodsCellular Network Not Available For Voice Calls (8 Quick Fixes)

It’s not difficult to get rid of the error on your network, and all you need to do is apply the following methods; where it eases your life and your mobile network issue will be resolved. Now, let’s go to the next part without waiting around for applying the strategies:

Cellular Network Not Available For Voice Calls (8 Quick Fixes)

1. Turn the Flight Mode Off

First, make sure to verify your flight or plane mode, so that it doesn’t switch on, which will stop you from making calls. Go to the home screen to check it, then swipe downwards at the very top. You’ll find the option to switch to flight mode in Settings.

2. Choose a Network Operator

A smartphone alters the network whenever you travel to another country. The network operators are usually preset on a lot of phones. However, some advanced users would prefer to disable this setting and look for the setting manually. It is best to set your phone in the position of searching in order to locate networks. Here are the steps for doing it on Android phones:

  1. Firstly, go to the Settings menu.
  1. Second, click on then the Wireless and Networks tab.
  1. After that, look for then the mobile Networks selection on the screen.
  1. Then, click on the Network Operators option on your phone.
  1. Finally, click the button to select automatically.

3. Recover the Cellular Network for Voice Calls by Changing the Battery

On Android devices, batteries could be damaged rapidly because they generate hot air on your phone when using it for a long time. Therefore, take the battery off in the event that it is not removable, or bring your phone to a repair facility if the phone shows signs of problems with its battery. You can also leave it charged for a longer period of time.

Cellular Network Not Available For Voice Calls (8 Quick Fixes)

4. Reboot your device

After restarting your phone, you will be able to get rid of your phone of the error message, which does not allow voice calls. Turn off the phone and let it sit for about 10 minutes. Restart and verify that you can make calls at this point. It assists you in fixing the phone’s errors and leaks in memory that cause problems, cleaning all applications, and improving the operation.

5. Change the Roaming Settings

Check the roaming settings and correct the problem with the mobile network to make voice calls. Follow the following steps to follow this procedure:

  1. Navigate to the Settings
  2. Choose to go on the mobile Network Tab, then select the Data Roaming tab.
  3. Turn this switch on to turn on the feature, if it’s disabled. Now, your device is connected to the mobile network.

6. You can join access to the Cellular Network for Voice Calls by updating your phone

The update of your phone will solve many operating system issues. Therefore If you think that it is your OS that causes the major issue with mobile networks you can try upgrading the operating system. The exact settings may differ with different models. But, the general process is identical. Let’s examine the procedure for changing.

  1. On your smartphone, you can go through Settings on your phone. settings button.
  1. Look for the option About phone and the About telephone. This option is usually found on the System tab of many phones.
  1. Then, click to open then the button for Software Update Tab. Some devices might be on the System tab by themselves.
  1. Click on your “Check for Updates” button on the screen.
  1. Another option is to check should a more recent version OS version exists, and install it.

7. Replace the SIM Card

This method is easy and can solve a variety of issues with mobile networks. Simply take off your SIM for a short period of time and then insert it again to determine if the issue is resolved or not. If it does not work, try to connect it to another phone and see whether it functions. That way, you’ll be able to determine whether the issue is related to your SIM and/or the device. If you notice an issue with your SIM then you must bring it to the provider to file a complaint.

8. Fix the Cellular Network for Voice Calls by Resetting the Factory

Another alternative is to reset your phone if it is currently updated. However, before you reset, be sure you have a backup of your data since it wipes out all your phone’s settings, personal files and applications. Follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Settings
  2. Find the Backup and Reset menu. Menu name. It might differ, but it will show the word back up.
  3. Look for an option regarding the Factory reset of data after a backup of the data.

The phone’s signal is not working. It appears to be a minor problem however it can be resolved in its own time. If not, these methods are suitable for you and you’ll be able to make voice calls without difficulty. I hope that the above-described method will assist you in resolving the issue of a mobile network error. Therefore, try to implement the strategies described above one at a time. You can also call the provider service provider for your carrier If all the methods above aren’t working and you are still unable to make calls. We’re also eager to hear your feedback on the comment section of the article.

Cellular Network Not Available For Voice Calls (8 Quick Fixes)

Frequently Asked Questions
I’ve been traveling and I’m unable to make calls. What’s happening?

If you’ve been on a trip recently and can’t call switching off your phone and on will fix the issue. Sometimes, phones don’t recognize the local towers of cell phones when we return from the trip. If this isn’t the case make sure Airplane mode isn’t on.


After that, contact your service provider. It is possible that you need to purchase a new SIM card, or the company will assist in restarting the service once you have returned.

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