How do you reset your iPhone and restart it and clean it?


After many years of working with the iPhone have taught us numerous tips and tricks to make the most of it. However, it’s always a good idea to have an update on some of the basics. The most important thing every iPhone user must be aware of about resets is what to do to their phone. The steps were identical on each device, however, things have changed due to the introduction of more recent models in recent years. How do you reset your iPhone and restart it and clean it?

If you have upgraded from an earlier iPhone version to the new iPhone 13 model, but have never had the reset feature, you might be confused in deciding what to do next.

We show you how to reset your iPhone as well as when you need to reboot it and also how to make it restart when your device isn’t responding. We also outline the differences between a reset or soft reset and a factory reset.How do you reset your iPhone and restart it and clean it?

The distinction between a soft reset and force restart, factory reset

Restarting your iPhone by using the software option called the soft reset won’t result in the loss of any information. It’s the same for Force restarts which lets you utilize your hardware buttons to reboot your iPhone in the event that the touchscreen isn’t responsive or apps begin being unresponsive. Factory resets are a completely different thing. It resets your iPhone back to its state when it was first out of the box. It wipes out all content settings, settings, as well as personal information off the deviceHow do you reset your iPhone and restart it and clean it?

How do you reset your iPhone and restart it and clean it?

It is recommended to reset your factory settings on to reset your iPhone in the last instance when you’re experiencing issues that aren’t solvable. However, it’s also recommended for trading or selling your iPhone or gifting it to a loved one, or if your phone was lost or taken. It’s not always permanent as you can make backups to restore all the data and settings on your phone. If you’re looking to do the factory reset, check out our tutorial for how to factory reset an iPhone which also provides details on the options for reset found under Settings General > Reset. General Settings > General.

How do you reset your iPhone by using the iPhone side buttons on iPhone X?

How to reset your iPhone softly? iPhone

The most simple method to reset the iPhone is to turn off the phone. This technique is sometimes referred to as “soft reset” because it is “soft reset” because, unlike factory resets it won’t erase any information, and it won’t erase any data on your device. You should consider a soft reset if your phone is not running smoothly or when an app doesn’t start or function properly or if you’re having minor issues while your iPhone remains responsive. Apple changed the method of performing an automatic reset on X 11, 12 as well as 13-series iPhones which is why the soft reset procedure requires you to press two buttons. The only thing you’re doing is turning off your phone.

Step 1 1. Hold and press the Sleep/wake button as well as the lower volume key. If you have iPhone X and later models, press the Sleep/wake button. iPhone X and later models there’s sleep/wake buttons on the right-hand side of the phone.

iPhone shuts down the screen.

Step 2: Place your fingers onto the Slide to turn off the slide, and then swipe to the left.

Step 3: If there’s nothing on the screen, and the screen disappears Press and hold the button to sleep or wake till the Apple logo appears, and then turn the screen back on.

In the event that you’re running one of the iPhone SE or an iPhone 8 or earlier, you can turn off or shut down your iPhone simply by pressing your Sleep or Wake button till you see the slider appear.

Alternately, if you have iOS 11 or later installed and you’re in Settings > General and scroll down to the bottom of the page, where you’ll see the Shutdown button. When you press Shut down and you’ll be able to see the Slide to turn off the slider. You will then be able to go to step 2.

How do you force yourself to restart your iPhone?

Another method for you to restart an iPhone is to use what Apple calls an official “force restart.” Once again, all data is lost. A force restart is suggested in the event that your iPhone is totally unresponsive. For instance, the iPhone screen is black (despite it being turned on) The screen will freeze or your iPhone is experiencing issues at startup. The method you use to do a force restart will depend on the iPhone model you have. How do you reset your iPhone and restart it and clean it?

How do you reset your iPhone using iPhone X or side-button callouts?How do you reset your iPhone and restart it and clean it?

Force restarts to iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone 11, iPhone SE (2nd generation and later), iPhone 12, and iPhone 13

Step 1. Press and swiftly Release the Volume Up button.

Step 2. Press and then quickly release the Volume button.

Apple iPhone 12 with side reset buttons that were sounded out.

Step 3. Hold and press the Sleep/wake button until are able to see Apple’s logo. Apple logo. How do you reset your iPhone and restart it and clean it?

Apple iPhone 13 Force Restart screen.

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