iMessage not syncing (Mac)

iMessage not syncing (Mac)

iMessage does not sync on Mac:

iMessage not syncing (Mac)
When your iMessage discussions aren’t synced between your Mac and your other Apple devices, it may be a very annoying situation. The good news is that the potential causes of this condition are usually simple to address. It’s conceivable that the iMessage app isn’t correctly configured, or that a recent software upgrade sparked the problem. It’s also conceivable that you’re missing a crucial update on your Mac or iPhone, which is causing the syncing issue. Whatever the source, we believe we can help you take care of it and restore normalcy, so stick with us as we show you the various treatments you can try.

Fix for iMessage not syncing on Mac:

The following are the most common iMessage not syncing on Mac repair methods:

Check to see if the user data on your Apple devices match, then sign out and back in.
Force Restart your Mac as well as your iPhone/iPad.
Restart iMessage on your Mac and other Apple devices.

iMessage not syncing (Mac)
Force synchronize the iMessage app on your Mac.

We’ll offer you complete instructions for each iMessage not syncing on Mac cure below, so make sure to carefully read the following paragraphs and follow the procedures on your devices to address the issue. If you have any difficulties while following our instructions, please do not hesitate to contact us in the comments area.

Check the app settings if iMessage isn’t syncing on your Mac:

If the user details provided in the app do not match those used in your iPhone/iPad, iMessage may not sync on Mac. If, for example, the phone number or email address in the iMessage app on your Mac differs from the number/email address on your iOS device, this would explain why your chats aren’t being synchronized.

Here’s how to quickly determine whether this is the case and remedy the problem:
Navigate to Messages > Send & Receive in the Settings app on your iOS device.

Check the details in the “You can receive and respond to messages from” section. You must ensure that the phone number and email address you enter are the ones you want to be reached at. There should also be a checkmark in front of both.
Then, Open the iMessage app on your Mac, navigate to the Messages menu in the menu bar, and select Preferences.
Check the number and email indicated underneath “You may be reached for messages at” – both must match the phone number and email in the iMessage app on your iOS device and must have a checkmark in front of them.iMessage not syncing (Mac)

  1. If the email you receive isn’t the same as the one on the iOS device, you can use a button to add the email button and connect the email on your iOS gadget to the iMessage application for your Mac.
  2. If there’s a conflict between the numbers of the phones, this is likely to mean that you have two different Apple ID accounts on your Mac as well as your iOS device. In this case, you need to select to sign out and then enter the phone number you have on your iOS phone to log in with your similar Apple ID on your Mac.
How to update iMessage on Mac Force Restart the devices?

It’s suggested to upgrade IMessage for Mac if the application isn’t syncing, however, before doing this we recommend that you force restart the device. Apple devices are generally updated on their own, however, in some cases, they will require a gentle push to begin the process which is why a reboot can aid in the process. In many instances it is possible that the problem with syncing is due to a bug and you want to fix it, rebooting or restarting your Mac or iOS device can resolve the issue and allow your iMessage app to be synced once more. Here’s how you can force to reboot both your Mac or iOS devices:

  1. To power off to restart your iPhone or iPad, press and hold both the side button and or press the Volume button until the power off slider appears.
  2. Slide the slider to the middle of the screen to switch off your device.
  3. For about ten seconds, wait before turning off your iPhone or iPad.
  4. After that, on your Mac Click on the Apple Logo menu from the left side. Click Restart then wait for your computer to shut off and then turn it back on.
  5. Switch on iMessage for both phones to verify that your conversations are being synced.
How to update iMessage on Mac Switch the app off, then to normal.

It is also possible to update IMessage for Mac by switching the application off, then returning them This will also be a good way to initiate this automatic process of updating:

  1. For the iOS device, open settings and then select the section Message. section.
  2. Turn off the button beside iMessage and wait for a few minutes, then switch it back on.iMessage not syncing (Mac)
  3. Launch the iMessage application on your Mac Go through the Menu for Messages, then open the Preferences and then click on the iMessage tab.
  4. Remove the tick from Enable Messages on the iCloud option then sit for a while and then enable it again.iMessage not syncing (Mac)
    How to update iMessage on Mac Sign out and return?

    Another solution to iMessage not synchronizing on Mac is to log out from the Apple ID account on your Mac and then sign back in

    1. Start the iMessage application and then click the messages menu then go to the Preferences menu > Accounts / iMessage once again.
    2. Click the Sign Out button and then wait for a few minutes.
      1. Then next, Click Next, click Sign in, and then enter iMessage using the details of your Apple ID account – remember to use the same Apple ID as the one that you have to sign in on the iOS device. iMessage not syncing (Mac) 
      How do you restart iMessage Mac?

      For a refresh of iMessage on Mac and to get your messages shared between your devices, you could also Force to synchronize the iMessage application on your Mac with the conversation information saved within the account of your Apple ID. Most of the time this will allow your conversations to be up-to-date. Normally, the sync should happen on a regular basis, but if the iMessage application is out of sync, this is what you can do:

      How do you Refresh iMessage on Mac Force sync the iMessage application

      1. For iMessage to refresh on Mac and force to sync the iMessage application first, you must open iMessage and then navigate through the Menu for Messages.
      2. Go to Preferences and then go to your section iMessage. section.
      3. Choose the “Sync Now”option and then wait for the syncing to be completed. If the option is greyed out Then first make sure whether you can enable messages in iCloud.
      4. Check to see if your conversations are changed. One thing that could trigger the syncing procedure for an individual conversation is if you post a message to the conversation, and we suggest doing that too.
      Install your program

      As we mentioned earlier outdated software is an issue that could be the cause of any sync issues you might be having. We recommend that you update all of your macOS, iOS, and the iMessage application.

      Update macOS

      1. Access your Apple Logomenu from the upper-left corner.
      2. Navigate to Settings and then choose Software Update.
      3. Give it a second to check if there’s an update available. If something appears then press “Update Now” to download the update.

      Update iOS

      1. Connect your device to an electrical outlet to make sure that it won’t be running out of battery.
      2. Open the Settings app, and go to General.
      3. Choose from the Software Update section and check to see whether there are any in-progress updates.
      4. Click the Install button or Install and Download. install and enter your passcode when it’s needed, and follow with “Install Now”. iMessage not syncing (Mac) 

      Update iMessage

      1. Click on the Finder menu > Applications and open App Store. app Store.
      2. Choose to open the Updates section from the left side of the App Store window.
      3. Find out if there are any in-progress updates for the iMessage app. If there are, then install the updates. iMessage not syncing (Mac) 
      Final Notes

      iMessage not syncing (Mac)

    3. So that’s the end of the guide we provided on how you can solve the iMessage not synchronizing on Mac issue. Hope that any of the suggested solutions will help you resolve this problem on your Mac. As we mentioned earlier we invite you to leave a message and ask for our help should you be unable to follow any of our suggestions.

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