Insignia TV Remote Not Working

Insignia TV Remote Not Working

Insignia TV Remote Overview:

If you notice that your Insignia TV remote isn’t working, take the battery off for a couple of minutes and check if that resolves the problem. If not, restart your TV to restore the connection. Also, it is important to examine and ensure the batteries are working. Are you missing your favorite show? Does your remote not work Do not worry! We’ll be able to fix it. As I told some about Insignia TV Remote Not Working then what should be done to fix it?

There is a myriad of reasons as to why there is the variety of reasons why the Insignia Fire TV remote isn’t working. We must determine the issue first. Therefore, prior to fixing it, you need to understand the reason the remote isn’t working. Just like a doctor who cannot diagnose a patient without knowing the illness first.

If you find that your Insignia Fire TV remote is not working:

Make sure you check for the battery first. The TV can be reset as well as the remote if the issue isn’t resolved. You could buy an additional remote in case none of the options are working.Insignia TV Remote Not Working. There are many reasons your remote from Insignia isn't working. Perhaps you damaged it by accident. Maybe your batteries aren't functioning properly.

What is the reason you’re Insignia Fire TV remote is not working?

There are many reasons your remote from Insignia isn’t working. Perhaps you damaged it by accident. Maybe your batteries aren’t functioning properly.

There is a likelihood of having a poor signal connection between your TV and your remote. Make sure that your remote is connected to your television or is not. It’s a problem if you put your device in heat, water, or temperature.

The remote could also require an adjustment procedure in order to work. When the button for the sensor on the remote is dirty and contains dirt particles your remote, your won’t function properly.

If you are able to pinpoint the exact issue, you must search for a better solution to the issue with your remote. Follow the steps based on the issue. Let’s look for solutions without wasting time. Insignia TV Remote Not Working. There are many reasons your remote from Insignia isn't working. Perhaps you damaged it by accident. Maybe your batteries aren't functioning properly.

Steps to solve the issues:

If Insignia TV Remote Not Working then follow these steps to solve out.

1. Dead Batteries

If you’re using a used battery or a dead one, it’s evident that the Insignis Fire TV remote will not function properly. Batteries provide electrical power to a device.

This means that batteries are vital elements of any device to ensure its efficient operation. It will help if you choose batteries that last for a long time.

If you don’t like switching batteries over and over then lithium batteries are ideal. I would recommend the rechargeable Eneloop brand which lasts around one year at a time with normal usage.

What kind of batteries do Insignia Fire TV remotes use?

The Insignia Fire TV remotes use remotes equipped with insignia AAA batteries. Alkaline chemistry provides the most energy for use of large items like remote controls.

2. How Do I Perform A Simple Reset?

Before attempting any complex method in order to restart the remote we must attempt a simple method. It’s not required that it always works, but we must test it.

  1. Change the remote on and access its back side.
  2. Get the batteries out.
  3. You should wait for 2 to 3 minutes.
  4. Replace the batteries.

Examine your remote using different buttons. If the remote is working it’s not necessary to find other solutions to repair it.

 There are different ways to fix the Insignia Fire TV remote.

Let’s look.

3. Manual Reset Of The Insignia Television Remote.

Resetting your remote is straightforward and can resolve your issue. What’s resetting? Resetting refers to changing the device back to its default settings.

In this article, we’ll learn what you can do to reset the Insignia Fire TV remote. Follow the steps listed below.

  1. Find”Home” on your remote “Home” button on your remote.
  2. The button should be held for several seconds before releasing it.
  3. Then, locate your menu option.
  4. Repeat it 9 times. It’s best to take the batteries off the remote.
  5. Remove the plug from the Insignia Fire TV, and then wait for a minimum of 60 minutes.
  6. Connect your TV and plug the batteries into the remote.
  7. When the home screen is displayed then press your finger on the “Home” button.

         4. Repair your TV using the remote

There’s a possibility that your remote hasn’t been connected to your TV. If you’ve already set it up but it’s still not working, fix your remote using Insignia Smart TV.

How do I connect with my Insignia Fire TV remote?

It is essential to follow the specific procedures to achieve this.

  • There’s a “Pair” button below the batteries section on the rear of your remote.
  • Hit on the key and then hold for several seconds.
  • If the method above fails, locate and then press”Home” “Home” button.
  • You must hold it for thirty seconds.

      5. TV Reset To Factory Reset Settings

It’s not just your remote that is the cause of trouble. Your TV might also need to be reset. Resetting your TV could help you solve the issue.

If you want to reset the TV’s settings, then you will need to download the Insignia Remote app.

Resetting a TV is similar to having a brand-new television that has factory-default settings.

  1. Fixing remote sensor

Insignia remote not working? Check sensor. Clean your remote sensor. Dust may prevent it from working.

Remote sensors can be fixed in two ways:

Restart Insignia TV.

Insignia TV sensor cleaning.

Insignia TV power cycle?

Rebooting your Insignia smart TV is simple. Power cycling means turning off and on hardware.

The steps below power cycle the TV.

Unplug the TV.

Press “power” for one minute.

Let go.

1.  Test your remote. How can you remove dirt from your TV’s sensor?

If the sensor is soiled with dirt, the device will not be able to detect signals coming from any other device. It’s essential for you to wash the sensors from the TV every two weeks. Cleanse the sensor before you attempt to connect it to the remote.

Take a look at this video to gain more information;

  1. Contact the remote manufacturer.

Technical issues may exist if all methods fail. Technicians fix technical issues. Send it to the manufacturer and let him fix it. If the device breaks before the warranty or the manufacturer default. It’s unfixable.

8. Purchase a new remote

If there’s no way to fix your older Insignia Fire TV remote, then you’ll need to buy an entirely new remote for use. If your remote becomes useless due to damage to internal components, it is necessary to buy a new remote.

A few damages do not offer a chance to repair the remote. For example, if you expose your device to heat or water it is not likely of fixing it.

You are able to buy an updated remote from Amazon at a bargain cost.

I hope that you will understand that if Insignia TV Remote Not Working then what should be done?

Can we use remotes from third-party companies?

We can connect third-party remotes to Insignia Fire TV like the original remote.

  1. Connect the TV to the Universal Remote Insignia.
    2 . 2. Press “Insignia TV” and tap for 3 minutes
  2. 3. Move the remote towards your TV.
  3. Click between the left and right sides to turn off your device.
  4. Click on the “Insignia TV” again “Insignia TV” button again to save the code.
  1. Let’s take a look at the different remotes that can be used in conjunction together with Insignia Smart Television.
Serial Number Remote Names Price Available at
1 Sabaton X1 $198 Amazon
2 Sabaton U1 $13 Amazon
3 Alexa Voice Remote $151 Amazon

This table lists different remotes that you can use in lieu of the Insignia Fire TV remote.

How do I Use the Insignia Fire TV with no Remote?

The app can be downloaded and utilized by Insignia Fire, a free Insignia Fire app to navigate the television without the need to use the remote. You can download the app via Google Play and App Store. However, you need to use Screen Mirror in order to remote control your TV using the app.

How do you pair your Insignia Fireplace TV Remote?

If you want to pair the remote to your TV, go to settings, and then select ‘controllers or Bluetooth devices’. Select the ‘Amazon Fire TV remotes’. Press the ‘home’ button for at least 10 seconds in order to connect your remote.


A remote is a vital device that controls your TV. If the remote isn’t working, it isn’t able to connect to your TV. If your remote for Insignia Fire TV not working, follow these steps:

  • You can swap your batteries for brand-new batteries.
  • Resetting your remote is an excellent and secure option. Resetting your device resets it to the default settings from the factory.
  • Try resetting your television.
  • If there’s no way that your remote will work then you must buy an updated remote.
  • It is also possible to use other remotes from third parties.

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