Resolve the Yahoo Mail Contacts Not Showing Problem

Resolve the Yahoo Mail Contacts Not Showing Problem

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Resolve the Yahoo Mail Contacts Not Showing Problem

Users can save their contacts and view them in addition to their emails. However, what happens if Yahoo Mail contacts not showing? If this happens you aren’t capable of sending any emails that could cause chaos in your workflow.

Don’t assume that the issue is a rare issue. Numerous people have reported that email addresses are disappearing. The attempts to create an email address new will result in an error. But don’t worry. If you’re here, that means you’ll discover a solution to this issue. Simply follow the advice that follows.

Yahoo Mail Not Showing Contacts? – Here’s How to Find Contact List

As a user may be lost. This is due to some changes to the position in this Contact List option. In the past, it was located in the upper-left corner. It was located alongside Inbox. Inbox section. However, the position has moved.


To locate the option to add contacts in Yahoo Follow these steps.

    • After you have registered, move the mouse to the panel that is on the right.
    • Move the cursor to the icon for ‘ Contacts. The icon is located alongside ‘ Sort.’
    • When you point your cursor towards that Contacts symbol, you’ll see the” Contacts‘ word appear in the display. Click it to open the contact list.
    • Then, go through the list until you find the option you’re looking for.
    • If you are looking to locate an individual contact fast you can use the ” Contacts Search option.

Steps to Fix Yahoo Mail Contact List Not Showing Issue

Resolve the Yahoo Mail Contacts Not Showing Problem


It is possible to follow a series of easy steps to restore Yahoo’s deleted contacts. Take note of these tips.

      • The first step is to first, sign into first to your account from which you’re unable to locate your contacts. After you have logged into your account, click the ‘ Mail‘ icon. It’s in the top-right section.
      • Then, tap the Contacts icon that is located on the right side of your screen.
      • Then, select the option to ‘ Removed Contacts.’
      • Then, select those contacts you believe may have vanished.
      • If you happen to notice that these contacts aren’t on your list Go to the option ‘ Restore your entire list of contacts.’
      • Then, you can tap Restore from the backup option. This will add the deleted contacts to your contact list once more.
      • Finally, click the “Done.” button.

How to Retrieve the Address Book of Yahoo?

Alongside not only finding Yahoo Mail contacts missing, some users accidentally delete the entire address book of Yahoo. If you’ve also lost access to Yahoo’s address book you are able to retrieve it by following these steps.

      • Then, visit the sign-in page on Yahoo.
      • Then, sign into your account as usual.
      • Take a look at the left column, then tap ‘Contacts’. Contacts.’
      • After that, select the ” actions‘ option, and then select ‘ Restore your backup.’
      • Now you need to choose the date from which you want to get your address books.
      • Then you can click Restore.’
      • This is it, you won’t have to complain about having lost your Yahoo Mail contacts disappeared.Resolve the Yahoo Mail Contacts Not Showing Problem
      • Fix Yahoo Mail Contacts Not Showing in Mozilla Firefox

        This issue can be solved using your Mozilla Firefox browser by following two steps. First, clear all cookies and cache of Yahoo as well as ATT. After that, you can restart Firefox. The contacts will be restored. For clearing the cache of Mozilla Firefox follows these steps.

        1. Then, select ‘ Settings.’
        2. Then, select the tab ‘Privacy and Security. “Privacy & Security.’
        3. In the section called ‘ Cookies and Site data Tap the button that reads ‘ Clear data.’
        4. If you notice an asterisk on the right side of the choice for Cookies and Site data, take it off. You can do this by tapping it once more.
        5. Choose the option of Cache web content.’
        6. After that, press on the ” “Clear after tapping on clear.
        7. Then, close from the about: preferences page.
        8. The changes you’ve made to your home will be automatically saved.
        You can now start Mozilla Firefox. To do this comply with these instructions. Resolve the Yahoo Mail Contacts Not Showing Problem
        • Launch Mozilla Firefox.
        • Enter ‘ About: Profiles” into the Address Bar, then hit Enter.
        • On the page ” About Profiles Find the box that says ‘Restart. ‘ Restart.’
        • If you’d like for restarting Firefox with all the open tabs, press ‘ Restart normally.’
        • However should you want to fix faulty add-ons, visit the About Profiles page? Then, select ‘ Restart with Add-ons disabled.’
        • The pop-up will appear with two choices. If you select the Refresh Firefox option, your add-ons will be deleted. If you don’t wish to do that you can temporarily deactivate the extensions by using” Troubleshoot Mode.’
        • To open it, click ‘ “Open.’ Firefox will close and restart with all your add-ons turned off.


        Final Words

        Don’t worry about having to search for Yahoo Mail contacts not showing. The procedures described are simple to follow. You can easily restore your contacts and the entire address book in a matter of minutes. If you require additional assistance or need help quickly seek help from Yahoo’s assistance specialists. Resolve the Yahoo Mail Contacts Not Showing Problem

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