The Hunger Games Adventures

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The Hunger Games Adventures

The Hunger Games Adventures

App 1.0.39 Update 2016-04-26
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The Hunger Games Adventures
1.0.39 Free Adventure Game
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Android: 4.0+

Hunger Games Adventures:

The Hunger Games Adventures is its official adventure game. Best Social Game & Variety Award winner!
This Android game lets you play as Katniss, Peeta, Finnick, Haymitch, EFFIE, and Finnick. Learn, improve, and uncover all its secrets. You could be the next famous game hero.
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22 February 2016

Main Hunger Games Adventures Features:

The Hunger Games Adventures

The Hunger Games Adventure is a skill game where you must collect resources and escape woodland perils to save your characters in life-or-death combat.

Game rules:

You learn how to get food and shelter at the start. Always watch your power bar.


Campaign and multiplayer.
Graphics seem realistic, yet people’s bodies seem to disappear and resurface as if they were underneath them.
Audio: The soundtrack is a highlight of the sport. Music may calm or stress depending on the situation.

The Hunger Games Adventures

Android phones/tablets.
Android 4.0+.
Fantastic—Google Play-recommended developer.
Recommendations: 7+.
Upgrade costs: Installation requirements: Android 4.0 and 50M of RAM.
Positive about Hunger Games Adventures
Google+ multiplayer.

Free app.

The gameplay begins with an introduction.
Against Hunger Games Adventures

The Hunger Games Adventures

Parenting should know the things about hunger games:

The Hunger Games Adventures is a Facebook game for parents. The Hunger Games novels and film inspired it, however, it doesn’t show the Games (where 24 teens fight to the death in a brutal version of reality TV). Instead, players gain survival skills in District 12, including

What’s about it?

Players travel to poor District 12 with Katniss, Haymitch, Peeta, and Gale in THE HUNGER GAMES ADVENTURES. They’ll gather materials, clear debris, and build a forest retreat with an archery range, tent, and workshop. Like CastleVille, spending resources and completing missions unlocks additional map sections. Quests include trapping food, trading for resources, restoring a collapsed house, discovering lost children, and feeding a starving girl.

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